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What does Permission Slip do?

Permission Slip helps you control the data companies have about you. We provide information about companies’ data practices, and help you send data requests to companies when you want them to delete or stop the sale of your personal data.

Permission Slip can help you send requests to companies asking them to delete or stop the sale of your personal information. However, we cannot control how companies respond to these requests.

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Who do I contact if I have a question or issues with the app?

You can contact our support team via email, permissionslip@cr.consumer.org.

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Can I use Permission Slip even if I don’t live in California?

Permission Slip is based on the California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA), which defined new data rights for residents of California. Many companies have decided to show their commitment to consumer privacy by also honoring data rights from people who reside outside of California. We expect that the number of organizations who honor data rights for non-Californians will increase over time.

If you live outside California, you can use Permission Slip to send requests to companies in the app, however your requests are likely to have a lower success rate and may take longer than requests sent on behalf of Californians.

A U.S. cell phone number is required to sign up for Permission Slip. If you live outside the USA, there may be better tools for managing data available in your country of residence.

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I forgot my password.

If you cannot remember your password, Click “forgot password” on the login screen, type in the email address that you use for your Permission Slip account, and a link to reset your password will be emailed to you.

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I need to change my email address, name, phone, or address.

If you need to edit your profile details, please email our support team, permissionslip@cr.consumer.org.

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Why do I need to sign an agreement to send requests?

Permission Slip helps you exercise your right to privacy under the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) by acting as your “authorized agent” and sending data requests to companies for you. The CCPA requires that consumers sign a legal agreement in order to designate an individual or organization to act as their agent. Because of this provision under the law, we ask all Permission Slip users to sign a legal agreement before we send requests to companies on their behalf.

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How will you use my data?

Signing up for Permission Slip requires only a valid email, password, mailing address, and mobile phone number for two-factor authentication. We need this information to communicate with companies on your behalf, which is the main purpose of our service. If we need more information to enable a feature or process a request, we’ll ask for it when we need it.

However Permission Slip evolves, there are some things we just won’t do:

  • We will not sell users’ personal information.
  • We will not give users’ personal information to third parties for advertising purposes. For more information about this, read our privacy statement.

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When should I expect to hear back from companies?

By law, companies are expected to fulfill opt-out requests within 15 business days and deletion requests within 45 business days of your identity confirmation. They can also inform you they need more time and explain why they need an extension.

However, companies don’t always make these deadlines, and are under no obligation to meet these deadlines for consumers who live outside of California. If the legal window to respond to your request has passed, the request will be marked as Expired in the app.

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Can I recommend new companies I’d like to see included in Permission Slip?

You can let us know companies you’d like to see in Permission Slip via this form. (And yes, big tech companies like Google and Facebook are already on our list as candidates!)

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I am an employee of a company that Permission Slip sends requests to. Can I use Permission Slip to request my employee information?

Permission Slip can only send data requests for consumer data; requests cannot be customized to manage employee data the company may have.

Some companies consider current and past company employees or contractors as “consumers” for requests. Others do not. If we have relevant information about this based on our research, we try to include it in the app. Either way, if you currently work for a company and ask them to delete your data, they will likely not delete the information or tools you need to complete your job.

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How do I cancel a request I send?

Navigate to the Requests screen in the Permission Slip app, and tap on the request you’d like to cancel. You’ll land on the request status page, where you’ll find a “Cancel request” button in the upper right corner. You can email support permissionslip@cr.consumer.org for assistance, too.

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How much does Permission Slip cost?

Permission Slip is free for anyone to use. We also offer a monthly subscription to access Premium features

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I sent a request to a company, but haven’t heard anything from them. What should I do?

First check your spam folders and voicemails. Sometimes legitimate messages get sent to spam.

Next, try to be patient. After your identity is confirmed, companies have 15 business days to fulfill opt-out requests and 45 business days to complete data deletion requests.

If over two months have passed and you haven’t heard anything, it’s possible that the company had technical issues or ignored your request. Unfortunately, we at Permission Slip cannot control what other companies and organizations do. However, we do note which companies respect consumer privacy and strive to surface companies that will honor consumer data requests in the app.

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When will Permission Slip be available on Android?

At the moment, Permission Slip is only available on iOS devices. But we’re hard at work to help everyone take control of their data, and plan to launch on Android in 2023! To sign up for updates and launch announcements click here.

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